Rare panda cow born in Colorado

Rare panda cow is born in Cilorado with markings that resemble a much larger panda bear. more »

New Zealand releases UFO files

New Zealand Air Force releases thousands of UFO files. more »

Baby elephant woos zoo visitors

A zoo in Surabaya, Indonesia welcomes a newborn Sumatran elephant. more »

Trapped leopard saved

Take one angry leopard trapped for several hours down an Indian village well, add water, and stand well back while a team of rescuers work out how to save it. more »

May I take your order?

A new restaurant in eastern China uses robots to serve and entertain customers. more »

Is that rabbit wearing... a kimono?

Japanese jump start holiday celebrations for the Year of the Rabbit by dressing up their own pet rabbits. more »

Baby gorilla surprises German zoo

A baby gorilla born at a zoo in northern Germany surprises zookeepers, who expected a different female to give birth. more »

German stuntman crippled on TV

Swiss doctors say a 23-year-old German whose stunt went wrong during a live T.V. broadbcast will never again walk normally. more »

Conjoined tortoises have park abuzz

Twin turtles surprise visitors at a nature reserve in Turkey. more »

Kangaroos smiling after dental cure

Israeli scientists and veterinarians develop a new, non invasive dental treatment for kangaroos suffering from deadly Lumpy Jaw disease. more »