IPad introduced video games for cats

Published: 24 May 2011 y., Tuesday

Nowadays we cannot imagine our life without intelligent technologies, such as, for example iPad. The majority of Smartphone and Tablet PC owners use them not only for work but for leasure as well, e.g. games. However it may sound unbelievable, now not only human but also their pets can use these devices.

Pet food manufacturer 'friskies' introduced three new games for cats last week, 'Cat fishing "," Tasty Treasure Hunt "and " Party Mix-Up. 'Friskies' probably thought that cats live in a digital age too. These games created for iPad tablets which use Android operating system. It appears that the games were developed taking into account cats psychomotor characteristics. Based on research, game colors, objects movement, and the nature of the game were created particulary for cats fun.

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