“Ashburn International” and SEB bank are implementing a joint project of installation of payment terminal system in police units

Published: 17 April 2012 y., Tuesday

The company “Ashburn International” and SEB bank are carrying out a joint project and are installing payment terminals in units of the Police Department under the Ministry of the Interior, by means of which it will be possible to pay various types of fees and fines with payment cards. In March, part of terminals have already been installed in both migration units, police units and several patrol cars; and in April, it will be possible to make payments by means of payment cards in all places planned.

According to Emilis Uldukis, development manager of the payment card service network of “Ashburn International”, the completed project will enable residents to conveniently make the required payments and save time.

“Until now, residents used to rush to banks to pay a fine or other fees, for example, for the issuing of a weapon, make the transfer and later return with a payment check. Now, all of this can be done much easier and faster. Moreover, several different fees, for example, administrative fines, passport fees, etc., can be paid by means of a single terminal”, – says E. Uldukis.

Technical solution offered by the company is not restricted to a particular model or location, because mobile terminals installed in police cars operate wherever a GPRS connection exists, and stationary terminals are designed to operate in premises – units, migration branches, etc. Furthermore, the aforesaid solution can be applied in all governmental institutions, which consider the entrance of an entire fee in their account (without deduction of bank commission) important.

The company “Ashburn International” owned by the group of companies Penki kontinentai” has been providing payment card maintenance services, implementing e-commerce solutions, loyalty systems for more than a decade. The company’s services of payment card operations management meet the top-level international standard of card data security PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standart).

More information about the company – www.ashburn.lt.

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