BS/2 Georgia: From Equipment Supplier to Strategic Partner of Financial Institutions

Published: 5 March 2019 y., Tuesday

In any field there are leaders who offer innovative products, strive forward, anticipate the customers’ desires providing them with professional and effective IT solutions. BS/2 Georgia is one of those innovative companies on the banking technology market of Georgia. A subsidiary of Penkių kontinentų bankinės technologijos (BS/2) celebrates its tenth anniversary on March 5, 2019, although the Penki Kontinentai Group has been developing business relations in Georgia since 2001.

Today BS/2 Georgia cooperates with most banks in the country. The company offers banking equipment and own software solutions, as well as provides technical support, counseling and training. The subsidiary in Georgia has six service centers with 26 certified engineers. They are entrusted with maintaining almost 15,000 EFTPOS terminals and 1,200 self-service devices.

"Over the years, the company has come a long way from an equipment supplier to the banking technology expert and strategic partner of financial institutions it is today. The company has invested in expanding the range of services and the service network. In recent years, the number of BS/2 Georgia employees has doubled. It is related to the increase in the number of our clients. We earned their respect, and our relationship has grown to a new, partner level,” says BS/2 Georgia Executive Director Andrej Smirnov.

Examples of successful long-term cooperation include the projects with one of the largest banks in Georgia, which entrusted BS/2 Georgia with servicing a large network of ATMs and EFTPOS terminals. After implementing the PSP (Payment Service Provider) model, the company began administering the bank’s payment terminals network. BS/2 Georgia began to provide the bank with EFTPOS terminals for rent. Connecting devices to the TransLink.iQ platform, developed by another company of the Penki Kontinentai Group (ASHBURN International), allowed the bank to take off its obligations to maintain the network of terminals, monitor, update software and repair all devices, and optimized its costs. Now the company provides the bank with a full range of services – from project planning to the introduction of innovative banking solutions.

“Our team is our main value. Their high professionalism, willingness to meet the clients’ wishes, and the desire to build long-term relationships strengthen the position of BS/2 on the Georgian market. The company cares about the employee competence and organizes training annually. Certified specialists from Lithuania and Germany train the staff to work with the latest software and hardware. We set new goals for ourselves before a new decade – the development of retail and the expansion of the equipment range offered to our country's retail chains,” says BS/2 Georgia Commercial Director Emilio Kiris.

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