New Challenge to Conquer the Height

Published: 15 May 2019 y., Wednesday

Short and long distance running is a popular sport. In search of new sensations, you can test yourself in a vertical race. Very soon, all enthusiasts will be able to challenge their rivals and go up to the tallest skyscraper in the Baltic countries. The legendary vertical race to the 31st floor of the business center “Europe” will take place on May 18th.

The Penki Kontinentai group has supported a sporting event (organized by JSK Hanner) throughout the history of the competition. Racing to the skyscraper "Europe" took place for five consecutive years, starting in 2004. This year the extreme competition will be held again!

Representatives of many enterprises and organizations are glad that the tradition of a vertical race has been revived. The competition provides an opportunity to test their strength not only professional athletes or amateurs, but also like-minded colleagues representing different companies. The Penki Kontinentai team was among the winners on the podium for an award repeatedly. Employees of the group recall the competition as one of the most memorable challenges – not only physically, but also emotionally. Such events strengthen team spirit, focusing colleagues on the common goal. Isn't it a secret to winning companies?

Representatives of business and the entertainment industry, government members and even newlyweds attended the competition. Teams of military and firefighters in all their equipment fought with each other for the honorary title of winner.

Competitors need to run to the 31st floor of the skyscraper “Europe”.  It is 116 meters high. This distance from the starting line to the finish is much more than just 1010 steps. The vertical race is endurance, strength and victory over yourself! Those who wish to qualify for the record will have to run to the terrace of the business center "Europe" for 3-4 minutes, and the maximum time to overcome the distance is 15 minutes. The most important thing in a vertical race is not speed, but the conquest of new heights!

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