New Payments.iQ opportunities for monitoring the stream of transactions

Published: 28 August 2019 y., Wednesday

BS/2 has released an update for the Payments.iQ software solution. The new version of the software introduces a fundamentally new approach to organizing workstations for different groups of users of the platform. The update not only makes managing the system easier and more convenient, but also optimizes monitoring and control of financial transactions.

Payments.iQ is a fully functional software platform for arranging payments (utilities, taxes, fines) and the sale of any type of electronic services (tickets, recharge codes, vouchers) through self-service terminal devices. The solution is easily integrated into terminal networks and with its help it is possible to receive payments both at kiosks and at ATMs. The platform also comes with a wide range of capabilities for monitoring and managing operations in real time. As part of the solution, there are predefined roles (so-called workstations) of users performing various functions of monitoring operations and system maintenance: administrator, operator, technologist.

  • The administrator’s role is to create user groups, as well as to configure and monitor the operation of the terminal network.
  • The operator’s role is to view completed payments, monitor them and their statuses, to conduct reconciliations on payments and to generate reports.
  • The technologist’s role is to add services and to configure and administer payments received at the terminals.

Users from different groups can manage available functionality in real time, as well as generate and receive reports from their personal accounts (workstations). Now access to them is possible through the web browser.

The main advantages of the web version:

  • Software deployment on each work computer is no longer necessary, which saves time and company resources. 
  • The user can work on any OS using a web browser.
  • An encrypted data transfer channel ensures data security.
  • Support, updates and maintenance become immeasurably easier.
  • Access to user workstations from anywhere (including from mobile devices) simplifies work processes.

The new version greatly simplifies operations, which in turn lets users of the platform get a wider range of capabilities for operation flow monitoring. 

Owning a terminal network means expenses for the organization. However, transaction monitoring allows you to assess how much the terminal is in demand in a particular place, which services are in great demand and establish the optimal commission for a specific operation. In the future, this can serve as a tool for predicting the return on investment in terminal networks of self-service devices. 

To learn more about the Payments.iQ software solution and its new features, contact your BS/2 representative.

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