Penki Kontinentai Invites to Share Your Smile

Published: 10 September 2020 y., Thursday

The Penki Kontinentai Group invites you to take part in the "Smile Gives Hope" campaign. The terms are simple: post your photos on Instagram with the hashtag #dovanokvilti, and for each smile, we will donate € 1 to the Lithuanian Welfare Society for People with Intellectual Disability Viltis ("Hope").

“A smile is a gift that can be given to everyone. It enriches those who receive it, not impoverishing those who smile. Our goal is to draw attention to the isolation of people with intellectual disabilities and change the social attitude towards them,” said Vaida Praciuvienė, Head of Internal Communication and Social Responsibility Projects, at the traditional good-neighborliness festival.

The event took place on September 10 near the Viltis day center on the territory of the Loft Town next to the Penki Kontinentai office.  The representatives of neighboring organizations, the police with the puppy Amsi, as well as the Hells Angels motorcycle club, attended the celebration. The event included a concert by Viltis pupils. All guests of the festival could treat themselves to coffee and support the social initiative Kavos galia.

“We organized our traditional good-neighborliness holiday for the eleventh time. Due to quarantine, it had to be postponed until autumn. The world's attention is focused on the coronavirus today, but other problems have not disappeared. Vulnerable social groups feel even more isolated. We appreciate and value such friends as the Penki Kontinentai Group, which has supported us for many years, and this year also surprised us with the "Smile gives hope" campaign,” said Dana Migaleva, Head of the Viltis Аssociation.

Viltis divisions operate in 60 regions of Lithuania, joining almost 12,000 members — children, youth, and adults with developmental impairments, as well as their families, carers.

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