Penki Kontinentai image film about the people who create the tomorrow’s technologies today

Published: 26 November 2018 y., Monday

The Penki Kontinentai is one of the leading international corporations in Lithuania and abroad. The group of companies creates and implements high-tech solutions that change the daily lives of many people.

Behind each technology are people who create it. They are modern, free and open-minded. The Penki Kontinentai film represents them and all the group’s activities, shows the working days of the team and even their leisure time.

The filming took place in the Vilnius office, library, cafe, as well as in the group's art gallery “5ci Art”. This image film for the group was created by the advertising agency “Wide Wings”. Almost half of the Penki kontinentai Vilnius team took part in the filming. The Head of BS/2 Technical Department Gintaras Petkevičius played the main role. He is known to everyone due to the advertisement for the fiber-optic Internet Penki.

Many new IT solutions in Lithuania have been developed by Penki kontinentai. Its list of innovations includes the first Lithuanian search system (, the supply of the first ATMs, the first fiber-optic network in the country, etc. The group of companies has been working in the fields of banking technology, retail, payment solutions, specialized software, fiber-optic Internet and IPTV almost for 30 years.

“Not everyone understands what high-tech companies do, how they create innovations. Of course, the key to our success is a team of professionals and their knowledge, which are the basis for creating the technologies of tomorrow today. This is exactly what we wanted to show in our film,” says the Head of the Penki Kontinentai Communications Germanas Kavalskis.

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