Penki donated over 1000 network devices to Lithuanian schools

Published: 25 November 2019 y., Monday

Penkių kontinentų komunikacijų centras, the company managing the Penki fiber optic network, has been providing unused equipment to educational institutions as part of a social campaign. This fall, more than 1,000 switches and routers were donated to Lithuanian educational institutions.

According to Romas Rimgaila, Head of Penkių kontinentų komunikacijų centras, the company improves the quality of its services and updates equipment constantly. It is unreasonable to dispose of working devices because they can be used in the educational process.

This year, network equipment was donated to the Vilnius Public Center "Technarium", the Academy of Robotics, Gymnasiums named after J. Lelevel, T. Matulionis, Fabiioniškės and Ažuolinas, Vilnius Lyceum, Ateites, Buivydiškės, and King Mindaugas schools. Part of the equipment was sent to educational institutions in other Lithuanian cities (Šiauliai, Šilalė, Mosėdis, Vilkaviškis and Utena).

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