Penki kontinentai is an awardee of “Žydintis Vilnius”

Published: 19 November 2018 y., Monday

From the left: director of the Botanical Garden of Vilnius University Audrius Skridaila, "Penki kontinentai" Marius Tomkevičius, advisor to the Mayor Vilnius Dalia Bardauskienė

For the third year in a row, the Penki kontinentai group has been highly appreciated in the contest “Žydintis Vilnius” (Blooming Vilnius) for decorating the territory of the office on Kareivių st. 2.

The metropolitan municipality want to encourage residents and companies to create a wonderful environment.

Participants sent photos of private and public flowerbeds, decorated facades of buildings, offices and other objects. The commission and Facebook users evaluated the photos. This year the competition expanded its traditional borders - not only the companies and residents, but also schools and kindergartens took part in it.

The contest jury included the director of Mažieji sodai Ligita Poškutė, landscape architect Dovilė Ivanauskienė, representatives of Vilnius municipality Dalia Bardauskienė, Giedrė Čeponytė, Indra Bieliūnaitė.

Advisor to the Mayor Dalia Bardauskienė and Director of the Botanical Garden of Vilnius University Dr. Audrius Skridaila congratulated the winners of the contest and presented special prizes - peony seedlings.

“The aesthetically organized environment awakens good emotions in people and teaches to know the beauty. It is gratifying that in addition to the traditional parking, companies allocate large areas of commercial space for special places designed for recreation and communication. The city has excellent examples of creating an atmosphere that inspires and forms a sense of harmony,” said D. Bardauskienė.

“Penki kontinentai actively invests in creating a motivating environment for our team, not only within the group of companies, but also around it. The well-kept area of the Loft Town also attracts the attention of passersby. We pay special attention to flower arrangements and we believe that beauty around us inspires and encourages creativity,” says Germanas Kavalskis, Head of the Corporate Communications Department of Penki Kontinentai.

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