Representatives of ASHBURN International visited the largest single national processing center in Uzbekistan

Published: 10 April 2018 y., Tuesday

From the left to the right: Farrukhjon Nigmatov (DAC), Anton Valinčius (BS/2), Žoržas Šarafanovičius, (ASHBURN International), Ahror Makhmudov (DAC)

ASHBURN International Executive Director Žoržas Šarafanovičius visited the Common Republican Processing Center (CRPC) of Uzbekistan, which deals with the processing of banking transactions. During the visit, issues of further cooperation and implementation of joint projects were discussed.

Uzbekistan remains one of the priority directions for the Penki kontinentai group of companies. "This is our return visit to Uzbekistan. Representatives of the CRPC visited Vilnius at the end of 2017 – then we presented them with our TransLink.iQ software solution for payment terminal networks and the transfer of transaction data management, and its advantages. During the current visit, we not only discussed the stages of our further cooperation, but also demonstrated the TransLink.iQ pilot project," Ž. Šarafanovičius said.

According to him, CRPC representatives could get more familiar with TransLink.iQ advantages and functionality, monitor the financial transactions’ flow, assess the user interface convenience, and its compatibility with other terminal software.

"The essential TransLink.iQ advantage is that it is an integrated system that allows terminals to accept cards of all payment systems existing in Uzbekistan (Mastercard, UZCARD, MIR, VISA, etc.). With its help, CRPC can automatically manage processes in one system, encrypt flows and manage the entire network of terminals from different manufacturers. Such functionality is convenient for CRPC and retailers alike – as they can accept payment cards of various systems in one terminal," the ASHBURN International executive director says.

The CRPC main objectives include targeted promotion of advanced banking information technologies and electronic payment instruments to the Uzbek financial market. It is also responsible for the processing for the nationwide UZCARD payment system, to which 29 banks are connected, as well as other related functions, including the transmitted data secrecy and security.

Currently, there are over 20 million active payment cards in the country, and CRPC controls a network of more than 250,000 payment terminals.

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