SEB Bank Tops the Banking Tennis Tournament

Published: 16 November 2015 y., Monday

The recent 2015 International BFI Cup banking tennis tournament was another success for SEB Bank players. SEB Bank Lithuanian branch team took the first place, while the second place went to SEB Bank Latvian branch, and the third place – to Nordea.

The international banking and financial institutions tennis tournament was held at the SEB Arena in Vilnius on November 14-15 for the eighth time already. This time nearly 70 players from the 11 banks took part in it.

Eigintas Vedrickas, Head of Corporate clients at SEB Bankas Europa branch thanked the SEB girls who won in a number of groups.

As the tournament's organizer Green Media manager Arunas Valickas reported this year's main novelty was an additional TOP group, which consisted of the strongest players – who finally got their chance. "I am delighted that in this year's tournament more institutions, such as Citadele Bank joint Latvian-Lithuanian team as well as Turto Bankas, took part", – he said.

"Since each year I'm following the traditional banking tennis tournament, it's amazing to see its growth. This year, representatives of the three Baltic States took part in it", said Tomas Augucevicius, Penkių kontinentų bankinės technologijos (BS/2) – which is the general sponsor of the tournament – deputy manager. – This year brothers Latvians put a special impression on me. The most interesting thing however was watching the active SEB Latvia game. I invite all banks to join our tournament next year".



The winners

Team competition:

1. SEB bank (Lithuania)
2. SEB bank (Latvia)
3. Nordea bank (Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia United)
4. Danske bank (Lithuania)
5. Western Union (Lithuania)
6. Citadele bank (Lithuania, Latvia United)
7. Turto bank (Lithuania)
8. Swedbank (Lithuania, Latvia United)
9-11. BTA Insurance Company (Lithuania)
9-11. Orion Securities Non bank financial company (Lithuania)
9-11. Evernord investment banking consulting company (Lithuania)

Women over 35:

1. Inga Badikonienė (SEB LT)
2. Jūratė Lingienė (SEB LT)
3. Ingrida Sklėnienė (SEB LT)

Women under 35:

1. Daiva Uosytė (Danske LT)
2. Darja Odorovska  (SEB LV)
3. Dovilė Revutaitė (SEB LT)

Women's team competition:

1. Daiva Uosytė / Jūratė Nedzinskienė (Danske LT)
2. Dovilė Revutaitė / Audra Stankevičienė (SEB LT) 
3. Darja Odorovska / Agnese Strazda (SEB LV)

Men over 45:

1. Vaidotas Aleksius (Turto bankas)
2. Ugis Birka (SEB LV)
3. Robertas Urbonavičius (Danske LT)

Men over 35:

1. Kaspars Kulbergs (Nordea United)
2. Paulius Ramantauskas (Western Union)
3. Aivars Kristapsons (SEB LV)

Men under 35:

1. Martins Kozlovskis (Citadele LV)
2. Vytautas Jakučionis (SEB LT)
3. Andrei Mitt (Nordea United)

TOP group:

1. Justas Bugailiškis (Western Union)
2. Edgars Rauza (Nordea United)
3. Stanislavs Rabinovics  (SEB LV)

Men's team competition:

1. Edgars Rauza / Kaspars Kulbergs (Nordea United)
2. Stanislavs Rabinovics / Viktors Toropovs (SEB LV)
3. Raimondas Kvedaras / Eigintas Vedrickas (SEB LT)

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