Smart POS-terminals with COVID certificate scanning functionality

Published: 17 January 2022 y., Monday

Managers and customers of Lithuanian catering establishments are already happy with the new payment devices, which can be used not only to accept payments with cards but also to verify national COVID certificates (galimybių pasas) and perform more functions.

It is an Android-based SUNMI smart POS-terminal with a specialized software solution installed by ASHBURN International (the company belongs to the Penki kontinentai group). It allows you to scan the QR codes of an EU digital COVID certificate and national certificates by using a video camera. Also, there is a possibility to install mobile apps. The smart POS-terminal works with a SIM card via mobile network and wireless connection (Wi-Fi), so it can be used both at the workplace and when traveling, depending on the needs of merchants.

“In 2020 alone, there were on average 293 non-cash payments per resident of Lithuania, and this number is growing every year. We believe that this smart POS-terminal with a convenient touch screen and the ability to quickly verify national COVID certificates will help businessmen work more efficiently and contribute to the progress of retail payments used by residents and businesses in the country,” says Eglė Dovbisienė, Head of Retail Banking services in SEB.

SEB bank estimates that the number of POS-terminals used by business customers has increased by more than 40% in five years, and in the first eleven months of 2021, card payments occurred 14 percent more often than at the same time in 2020.

“This solution has the potential to become a universal solution for merchants, and the first functionality that we plan to add is the integration of the cash register function,” Darius Burdaitis, Head of the Citadele Banking Business and Retail Banking Department, is also happy with the new equipment.

At the moment, smart POS-terminals are already being tested by Lithuanian merchants, including Domino Pizza, as well as Manami and Charlie pizza restaurants owned by Amber Food.

“Even before the pandemic, customers became more demanding on the range and quality of dishes, and especially on the speed of service, so verifying the QR code of national COVID certificates and accepting several payments in a row with one device helps save time that waiters can devote to customers instead. We understand that the success of the work depends on the details, and good customer experience helps to grow the business,” says Gediminas Balnis, CEO of Amber Food, which manages more than fifty food establishments.

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Smart POS-terminals with COVID certificate scanning functionality

Managers and customers of Lithuanian catering establishments are already happy with the new payment devices, which can be used not only to accept payments with cards but also to verify national COVID certificates. more »

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