Synthetic trees capture carbon

Scientists at New York's Columbia University are developing a synthetic tree that removes CO2 from the atmosphere. The researchers say the tree, if mass produced, could make a significant difference to the quality of the air we breathe. more »

ZenRobotics Recycler saves the Planet from Waste

ZenRobotics Recycler is a robotic waste sorting system. Built with off the shelf industrial robotics components, the system utilizes machine learning to separate raw materials from waste. more »

Politics on the brain - scientists say grey matter differs between left and right

Scientists in the UK have revealed that people with opposing political views have different brain structures. The London University College researchers say the part of the brain that processes emotional reactions is larger in conservatives than in liberals. more »

German scientists develop thought controlled car

German scientists are developing technology which allows a person to steer and drive a car using brain power alone. Using a cap fitted with sensors and an onboard computer, the researchers are able to control their experimental Volkswagen, just by thinking about it. more »

Azores Island a test-bed for German energy experiment

A German company is testing a giant battery which it hopes will be able to store enough solar and wind energy to supply an entire community. The trial is taking place on Portugal's Azores island of Graciosa. more »

US West Coast expecting major quake following Japan disaster

Japan's devastating earthquake of March 11 has raised concerns among geoscientists that the West Coast of the United States is likely to be next. more »

Meet Duolingo: Learn a Language, help The Web

„Duolingo“ is the latest project of Luis von Ahn, who is working for “Google”. It has been blowing up on Hacker News for the past day, though not too much is known about it. more »

Iran unveils solar-powered car

University students in Iran have developed their own version of a solar-powered car. The environmentally-friendly 'Havin' can travel up to 130 kilometers an hour. more »

Dialing with Your Thoughts

Researchers in California have created a way to place a call on a cell phone using just your thoughts. more »

The tiny robot that can operate inside your eye

Researchers in Switzerland are perfecting a robot small enough to be injected into your eye without anaesthetic. The team say their device could carry drugs to the exact position they are needed or even carry out minor operations. more »