Antarctic ice-flow map reveals clues to climate change

A new map of Antarctica illustrates for the first time how ice moves across the continent. Read more »

Extreme weather and looming hurricane season keep scientists on alert

This week marks the beginning of hurricane season in the United States and scientists will be watching closely in the wake of extreme weather patterns that have devastated the Midwest. One of the questions they're trying to answer focuses on the impact of climate change and global warming. Read more »

Disappearing Mexican glaciers

Climate change appears to be melting Mexico's two remaining glaciers faster than previously thought with scientists saying they could disappear within four years. Read more »

Protesting underwater

Activists stage protest in underwater museum in Mexico to warn about climate change. Read more »

Climate change: CO2 emissions from new cars see biggest fall in 2009

Average CO2 emissions from new cars sold in the EU dropped by 5% last year, the biggest annual fall ever recorded, a report published today by the European Commission shows. Read more »