Skynet First in Lithuania Tested 10 Gbps Broadband Internet Connection

The Lithuanian fiber-optic broadband Internet services provider Skynet, which is owned by Penki kontinentai group of companies, has successfully tested the 10 Gbps broadband speed. Read more »

Lithuanian Government Institutions Rely on Penki Kontinentai Expertise

The Penki kontinentai group of companies competence was recently evaluated by the Lithuanian official institutions. Read more »

“Penkių kontinentų komunikacijų centras” offers the fastest internet and IP television

Since the beginning of May, “Skynet” private clients have been offered an internet, IP television and WEB television services for particularly attractive price. Read more »

1 Gb/s is not the limit!

Having prepared a full technical base at the end of the year 2011, Penkiu Kontinentu Komunikaciju Centras at the start of January, 2012, announced offering a super fast internet to its customers. Read more »

Skynet Customers use the Fastest Internet in the Capital

According to, the fastest Internet in Vilnius is provided by Skynet, which uses fiber-optic transmission system and it is managed by UAB Penkių kontinentų komunikacijų centras. Read more »

South Korea classrooms to go fully digital by 2015

South Korea is pushing forward with a plan to completely digitize its classrooms by 2015. Read more »

A Man Who’s Never Used a Computer in His Life Tries Internet Explorer

Jennifer Boriss, a Firefox dev, went to the mall seeking test subjects to help improve the browser. Read more »

Is It Okay to Friend Your Boss on Facebook? (66% Say No)

The increasingly digital world in which we now not only live, but also work, gives rise to a whole new set of questions about professional etiquette. Read more »

1.3 million websites shut in 2010 shut in China

More than one million websites closed down in China last year, a state-run think tank has said. Read more »

Anonymous Hacker Network Exposed

The Anonymous hackers now have names, at least in Italy. A series of dawn searches this morning concluded investigations by IT police, led by Antonio Abruzzese, into coordinated computer attacks by the group over the past few months. Read more »