TIBO 2012 Gathered Telecommunication and Banking Technology Specialists

Published: 4 May 2012 y., Friday

On April 25-28, TIBO 2012, the 19th international conference and exhibition on the telecommunication, information, and banking technologies took place in Minsk, the capital of Belarus. According to the conference organizers, this time the conference provided the opportunity to learn more about the ICT industry's latest services and products, and it also hosted discussions on what had been achieved in Belarus in the last 18 years in terms of ICT development and on effective ways to bring ICT into all spheres of the country's life.

The BS/2 company, a member of the Penki Kontinentai Group and a loyal TIBO participant, was sure to take part in the conference this time as well. At the exhibition, the BS/2 representatives were particularly interested in banking and retail products and services.

As Tomas Bublys, the general manager of BS/2's Service Support Department, said: "Having been working in Belarus for many years, we are especially interested to learn more about the trends that dominate this country's banking and retail sector and about the development opportunities expected for the latest technologies. We were also interested in security products, because we can offer a lot in this area. ATMeye.iQ, our created monitoring and conflict management solution, not only ensures the security of self-service banking devices, but also optimizes their operating costs and reduces the risk of fraud and vandalism."

Meeting with their partners, the BS/2 specialists discussed opportunities for further cooperation and the terms and conditions of specific projects.

As Jurij Mikuckij, BS/2's sales manager, said: "In Belarus, we met our partners Tusson, IBA, and Servis Plus, discussing the current situation and prospects for further cooperation. With BelCrystalService, our long-time partner, we finalized the details of a future project related to the GIPPO supermarket chain, involving store automation and the installation of 30 integrated cash desk systems. In a way, this is a continuation of a last-year project, also involving GIPPO, where we provided the chain with 70 devices."

At the TIBO 2012 conference and exhibition, over 200 companies from 14 countries presented their solutions and products. The event attracted 30,000 people. In addition, TIBO was attended by official delegations from Russia, Azerbaijan, Latvia, and Kazakhstan and by international organizations such as the Regional Commonwealth in the Field of Communications (RCC) and the Eurasian Economic Commission (EEC).

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