Skynet Fiber Optic Internet Provider Becomes Penki

Published: 12 February 2018 y., Monday

Penki. Since February 2018, this will be the brand name of the fiber optic Internet network, with more than 120 thousand subscribers in Lithuania’s capital, Vilnius.

According to Idrakas Dadašovas, the Penki kontinentai group of companies Board chairman, Penki is a symbiosis of the company's values ​​and modern technologies. It symbolizes a harmonious entirety that provides a safe, quick and reliable connection with the whole world. Penki is designed for creative individuals who develop new intellectual products.

“This year, Penki fiber optic network celebrates its 20th anniversary. In 1998, we offered the people of Vilnius the then most advanced and fast Internet technologies that radically changed our lives. Now it is no longer relevant, or interesting, to talk about fast Internet connection, be it 100 Mbps, or 10 Gbps. For Internet today is an environment conducive to the constant development, creation and implementation of your ideas", Mr. Dadašovas said.

According to the head of Penki kontinentai, the former Skynet played the role of rather an anonymous service provider. While most residents of Vilnius knew about the service, few could name the company that provided it. Therefore, in this case, linking Penki with Penki kontinentai group of companies was conscious – and aimed to make the latter more recognizable in the market.

"The name Penki is also not taken by chance: on the one hand, it indicates a link to the Penki kontinentai group of companies, while on the other, Penki (meaning "five" in English) is associated with success or a light that calls for moving, developing and changing," Dadašovas said.

Besides, the rebranding was caused by rational reasons associated with changes in the internal business strategy, although the main factor was even greater attention to the consumer. Romas Rimgaila, Penkių kontinentų komunikacijų centras (owner of the Penki brand) manager confirms it:

"We move on; we change and react to every innovation in terms of technology, business environment, behavior and customers‘ expectations. We know our clients: they are modern young people who follow the latest trends, and we should be exactly the same", Mr. Rimgaila says.

Although, he said, it is important not to lose the strong associations that have formed for many years; the rebranding should not be a major inconvenience for the clients.

In 1998, Penkių kontinentų komunikacijų centras was the first company in Lithuania that offered the then fastest Internet access to the Skynet fiber optic network subscribers. In 2008, its speed was 100 Mbps, in 2012 – 1 Gbps, and in November 2017 for the first time in Lithuania the Internet speed at the College of Social Sciences reached 10 Gbps. Currently, Skynet offers Vilnius residents with a high-speed Internet and smart TV services.

Penkių kontinentų komunikacijų centras is part of the Penki kontinentai group of companies founded in 1992, which operates in the areas of banking technologies, innovative payment solutions, fiber optic Internet, smart TV and development projects. The group’s products and services are known and used in 78 world countries.

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