Deeper Synergy of .iQ and Vynamic products

Published: 12 July 2018 y., Thursday

Pavel Köhler, (Diebold Nixdorf), Emil Musayev (BS/2), Kirill Ovsiannikov (BS/2), Liubov Kremer (BS/2), Anna Pankraz (Diebold Nixdorf), Daniel Fukson (BS/2), Tomas Augucevičius (BS/2)

Sensitive data protection is a paramount goal for any financial organization. Over the last years, the usage of self-service device grows intensively, so there are also increasing risks for financial institutions. In case of a data theft, banks bear financial expenses as well as reputational damage. Keeping this in mind, the solution able to provide ATM fleet’s protection is a must-have thing for a stable business development.

Nowadays, market offers a variety of multi-level anti-fraud protection systems that ensure safety of the most important and vulnerable infrastructures of banks and other companies and optimize it‘s management systems. One of them is the .iQ product family, a unique platform of BS/2. It is a complex of multifunction monitoring and business process management solutions. The platform is designed to collect and reflect the most critical information about processes and to optimize business processes.

The world leader in the banking technologies production and retail solutions Diebold Nixdorf develops another innovative solution Vynamic - a software suite that integrates systems of analytics, marketing, business optimization, monitoring and security.

In the middle of June 2018, representatives of BS/2 visited Diebold Nixdorf unit in Czech Republic, which specializes in the software development. They were introduced to the Vynamic platform. Diebold Nixdorf representatives - Anna Pankraz, Sales Director Banking EECA, and Pavel Köhler, SW Engagement Manager, – came to Vilnius on July 8.

During the visit, several solutions of BS/2 developed .iQ product family were presented to guests: Service Desk.iQ, which provides ability to optimize complicated business operations; Cash Management.iQ, developed to automate and optimize the processes related with cash flow at all cash deposit/withdrawal points; Smart Safe.iQ, managing all cash operations from deposits and withdrawals to currency exchange. Moreover, guests were informed about successfully implemented large-scale projects in Georgia.

 “Our friendship with Diebold Nixdorf lasts longer than 20 years; we are not only their representatives in 14 countries, but also a long-term partner. We want to maintain close partnership relationships and look for opportunities to develop innovative solutions jointly. We are united by a common desire to offer our clients the best universal solutions for their business development. Recently we visited Diebold Nixdorf development center in Prague, now their representatives are being introduced to our product family solutions in Vilnius. We are searching for a bigger synergy of .iQ and Vynamic products”, - says Daniel Fukson, the Head of the BS/2 Business Development Department.

Diebold Nixdorf is a world leader working with multinational customers in the finance and retail sectors. The specialized solutions make it possible to transfer financial transactions to a new virtual level – comfortably, securely and effectively. Being a partner of over 100 world's largest financial institutions and 25 retail companies, Diebold Nixdorf offers universal services and technologies that help to meet the ever-growing corporate clients’ demands. Diebold Nixdorf, with 25 thousand employees, operates in more than 130 world countries. 

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