ProCredit and Liberty Bank Partner Up

Published: 11 December 2015 y., Friday

Two Georgian banks, ProCredit and Liberty, signed a memorandum of mutual understanding, a so–called  “Host to Host”cooperation, which allows clients to benefit from both banks' services.

The new service allows customers to withdraw money from more than 500 ATMs for preferential tariffs. For VISA/Master Card and VISA Business card holders of ProCredit Bank, the service fee for cash withdrawing from Liberty Bank’s ATMs will be the same.

“We are are looking forward to the collaboration between ProCredit Bank and Liberty Bank. From now on, clients of both the banks will be able to cash out money from more ATMs around town. Besides that, our clients will benefit from withdrawing cash from our partner's ATM's at standard rates," said director of ProCredit Bank, Alex Matua.

“This is the third Host to Host agreement Liberty Bank has initiated, which allows customers to withdraw money from ATMs and carry out card payments at even more favorable conditions and with a variety of choices,” said Liberty Bank’s manager of alternative banking channels, David Ninidze.

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