Tactile Keyboard by Michael Roopenian

Published: 15 May 2011 y., Sunday

New work from Michael Roopenian, who received his bachelor’s degree in sculpture from Kenyon College and now is pursuing his master of design at the Pratt Institute. It is an interesting wooden keyboard, Engrain Tactile Keys, which brings us another typing experience.

Traditional keyboards are always designed with slightly raised surface, allowing users to have a better experience of typing. But as time passes by, the increasing attrition of keyboards will weaken the comfortable feeling. In that factor and based on the aim to improve the interaction of users and keyboards, increase the typing speed, and decrease the possibility of misinput, Michael designed this wooden keyboard.

The prototype of this wooden keyboard is standard Apple keyboard, on which Michael calculated and perfected through his in–depth research. Every finger is better positioned and be in motion on a keyboard that was studied methodically for better results.


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