Micro–Robot will prevent Maritime Piracy

If you were a pirate on the open seas you wouldn’t be too concerned about having a beer can thrown at you would you? Perhaps you should be!

Recon Robotics have developed a tiny remote controlled beer can sized robot that can stick to the side of a ship and scale the hull to get to the deck.

The enhanced maritime Throwbot will be a sort of droid buccaneer that can be hurled onto the pirate ship to which it would stick magnetically. Then it would climb the hull and be used for spying out the on deck situation of the ship. It would enable the controller to get vital information during an anti– piracy mission.

Recon Robotics has been signed on by the Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center Pacific to jointly develop a Recon Scout Throwbot which will use the marsupial robot deployment system in which a smaller robot can be launched by a larger one as a recon robot.