BS/2 specialists will introduce banking sector innovations in Moldova

On December 13, 2012, DAAC System Integrator, a long-term partner of BS/2 in Moldova, will host a bank forum in Chisinau, where a delegation of BS/2 experts will discuss the latest events of the banking world with the representatives of the country’s fourteen largest banks as well as introduce market innovations.

DAAC System Integrator is the largest Moldovan company. Its scope of activities includes both the development of software solutions and the deployment of multifunction systems in the information and communication technology sector. Among the company’s customers, there are leading banks, financial and government institutions of Moldova.

In the forum, the BS/2 delegation representatives will discuss crime-related banking software problems and introduce the software solution ATMeye.iQ designed to help solving them as well as ensuring their prevention. Wincor Nixdorf, a German partner of BS/2, will introduce a self-service equipment product line CINEO and ProCash ATMs that stand out for their reliability, high quality and reasonable price. It is worth nothing that Wincor Nixdorf hardware already occupies over 50 percent of Moldova’s banking market. This forum will be an opportunity for banks’ technical department specialists to learn more about the capabilities of technical monitoring by using the integrated solution ProView and matching BS/2 solution Service Desk.iQ that belongs to the .iQ product family.

According to the BS/2 Regional Sales Manager Nikolaj Zaleščuk, these specialized events are useful to both banks and their equipment suppliers.

‘We have noticed many times that such meetings are a great opportunity to hear our customers’ topics of interest from their own lips, respond to emerging issues, and become more familiar with the prevailing moods and general situation in the country. Well, and for BS/2 who, along with DAAC System Integrator, has been successfully operating in Moldova’ banking sector for over ten years, it is a good opportunity to introduce its new products, innovative solutions and their advantages’, said Nikolaj Zaleščuk.

After the forum, BS/2 plans a series of meetings with the banks’ representatives, which will allow discussing cooperation opportunities and prospects.