ATM Security 2013 - all about fraud statistics and trends

On October 22-23, the 13th specialized Exhibition and Conference ATM Security 2013 took place in London. It is one of the biggest global events focusing on the most important ATM security topics. Conference is organized by ATMIA Europe, the European ATM industry association, and research and consulting company RBR (Retail Banking Research).

Over the two days of the event, manufacturers of self-service equipment and developers of safety products and solutions introduced various equipment protection measures – from modern physical devices, highly relevant to such countries as Brazil, South African Republic and Italy, to intellectual software products. Moreover, participants of the conference could get acquainted with the newest research on ATM security as well as share their own experience.

"Participating in such international events as ATM Security 2013 is not only a possibility to establish new contacts and meet partners but also a perfect opportunity to remind about your own products and their successful usage. Furthermore, a conference on security topics is a place where market innovations and innovative solutions are introduced," says Paulus Buńćelis, Head of BS/2 Sales Department.

At this year's event, BS/2 presented version 1.1.3 of ATMeye.iQ – a self-service device security solution.

"Due to flaws and lack of security, banks experience multi-billion euro losses. The new version of ATMeye.iQ offers USB and IP camera support as well as remote file administration and real-time video surveillance. Visitors of the exhibition could try all these features at our stand", states Artur Kurginian, the representative of BS/2.

One of the new features of ATMeye.iQ 1.1.3 – Mobile ATMeye.iQ – was also presented at the exhibition. This solution allows instant alerts on mobile devices in cases of any suspicious activities on self-service devices or near them. Mobile application is available on the Google play site. It is very easy and convenient to use.

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