Penki Kontinentai Presents One Team, One Group Campaign

Penki kontinentai which is a Lithuanian group of IT companies ran One team, one group image campaign, during which its employees told about their work and leisure activities.

"Many interesting and talented people of all ages who work in the group were asked to present themselves as well as their work in their own words. As a rule, most companies are closed to the general public; they prefer to communicate through their trademarks or advertising campaigns. Through our project we just wanted to show not only what, but who we are," Germanas Kavalskis, Penki kontinentai group PR manager explains.

The main goal of the project was to present the group activities in its employees‘ words, in order to bring new people, as well as raise the group‘s image.

According to Mr Kavalskis, the idea of ​​the project came while searching for diverse and unconventional ways of representing the group in the public space; so the employees working in various companies took part in the project. Almost the biggest problem, however, was to persuade them to speak in front of a TV camera.

"Although participants were required to briefly present themselves in their own words, but often it‘s a camera aimed at a person hinders him – and we spent a great lot of time making takes. Nevertheless, it was an invaluable experience – and an interesting adventure, too," Mr Kavalskis recalls with a smile.

The entire project was carried out within the group using its own TV studio.

Penki kontinentai is one of the most advanced international corporations working in the field of banking technologies, innovative payment solutions, fiber optic Internet, IPTV and “smart houses“; it develops and provides one of the fastest Skynet fiber optic Internet services. Products and services provided by the Penki kontinentai group of companies are known and used in 78 world countries; its specialized software and technological solutions are widely used by major international banks, financial institutions, retail and business companies.