Skynet Customers use the Fastest Internet in the Capital

Published: 14 December 2011 y., Wednesday


Today the significance of the Internet speed is constantly being measured. However, it weighs much more then just a number of megabytes per second. Opportunities provided by the Internet allows to save time, obtain enourmous amounts of information, promptly carry out assigned tasks, precisely plan one‘s activity as well as  learn about the latest news on the most topical events of the world in real-time.

According to Ookla survey data listed on, it is clear that during the period between November 11, and December 10, 2011 the residents of Lithuania enjoyed the fastest Internet. The average speed of the Internet in our country was 31.81 Mb/s. The second and the third place in global rankings went to South Korea (30,02 Mb/s) and Latvia (26,51 Mb/s) respectively. Business portal, based on Ookla tests presented top 20 cities with the fastest Internet connection. Amongst them Vilnius stood first.

According to, the fastest Internet in Vilnius is provided by Skynet, which uses fiber-optic transmission system and it is managed by UAB Penkių kontinentų komunikacijų centras. To satisfy its current and future customers, the company constantly expands its network and regularly increases the speed of the Internet.

UAB Penkių kontinentų komunikacijų centras uses the equipment of Cisco Systems who is the global leader in the development of broadband network technologies, and therefore, is able to offer to its clients an option of a service pack which includes IPTV, Internet Telephony and home security services as well as Internet.   

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