About the Project

What is News.lt?

Penki.lt  is a news portal for a modern man, who cannot imagine his life without the latest technology and scientific inventions.

What does News.lt write about?

www.news.lt website contains of text and video news, providing the opportunity not only to read, but also listen, see and watch actualities.

The majority of news on the website includes information and banking technologies, the latest software, banking, science, education news, related exhibitions, conferences, and other events.

A lot of attention on the portal is paid to Penki kontinentai Company news: the latest promotions and offers for fiber-optic network Penki users; innovations and opportunities of the interactive IP-TV Penki TV; the banking technology company BS/2 news; other information related to the companies, belonging to the Penki kontinentai  Group of Companies.

What is the aim of news.lt?

News.lt seeks to share a huge experience accumulated in IT, IPTV and banking technologies, and to become a high-quality IT news portal where any user can quickly and easily find information he/she is interested in.

Experience the world of www.news.lt!