Modern wireless internet in all hotel spaces

At one point or another, nearly all travelers have dealt with poor wireless internet connection at airports, hotels or cafes. When unsuccessfully trying to connect to an open Wi-Fi network, one of the worst feelings is to realize that you are waiting in line while other guests finish browsing. more »

Is It Okay to Friend Your Boss on Facebook? (66% Say No)

The increasingly digital world in which we now not only live, but also work, gives rise to a whole new set of questions about professional etiquette. more »

Twitter record broken during the Women's World Cup final

A new Twitter record for highest amount of tweets posted per second has been set during the climax of the Women’s football World Cup. more »

1.3 million websites shut in 2010 shut in China

More than one million websites closed down in China last year, a state-run think tank has said. more »

Social media game aims to end extremism

A social media game with Arab super heroes at its heart has been launched on Facebook. more »

YouTube blocks Lady Gaga channel

Lady Gaga's official YouTube channel has been suspended by the video sharing website. more »

David Beckham's website defaced by hackers

The website of British football superstar David Beckham has been hacked, with an image of a hapless dog attempting to eat a bowl of food painted on a street sign. more »

Obama sends his first tweet

U.S. President Barack Obama took to Twitter on Wednesday (July 6) to press his economic agenda, using the popular social media site to tweak Republicans and advocate for a deal to reduce the deficit. more »

Facebook Announces Updated Chat, Video Calls with Skype

Facebook has announced multiple changes to the way chat works on the site. more »

Today, Facebook will unveil a mysterious novelty

The growing competition between Google and Facebook brings their users many innovations. more »