Cell phone AP the latest weapon in malaria detection

An Israeli researcher has developed a way to detect malaria with a cell phone. more »

Video Chat on Your Android Phone

Sometimes, the expressions on a person's face can mean much more than what they say. To help you stay in touch with your friends and family, we’re launching Google Talk with video and voice chat for Android phones. more »

US Army plans app store for troops

The Army Marketplace, which is due to launch in August, will launch with a selection of applications, including training manuals and productivity tools. more »

Google’s Chrome OS Windows rival to launch in May

A stable ‘channel’ for Google’s Chrome operating system is now available, with rumours suggesting a big announcement coming at the company’s May I/O Conference. more »

Adobe Shows Three Amazing iPad Apps That Work with Photoshop

Forget Flash — Adobe’s latest iPad experimentations are way more interesting than a plugin to let you view restaurant websites. The three apps — Eazel, Lab and Lava — all link to Photoshop CS5 running on a Mac or a PC, and let you use the multitouch display to control various functions. more »

IPhone confession app

New iPhone app lets users confess while on the go. more »