Haiti: fragility of the state and political crisis worry MEPs

Published: 19 January 2011 y., Wednesday

One year after the earthquake, Haiti is still in chaos, an emergency situation where rebuilding has barely begun, say MEPs in a resolution adopted on Wednesday. They recognise the considerable efforts of NGOs on the ground but emphasise the weak capacity of the Haitian state and the risk that the political crisis could deteriorate.

Commending the work of humanitarian organisations active in Haiti, MEPs say better communication is needed about the non-visible effects of the humanitarian measures because it is thanks to these that the situation on the ground has been brought under control.

The recent cholera epidemic has highlighted the almost total inability of the Haitian state to cope with a disease which is easy to prevent and cure, and the limits of international aid in a country receiving massive humanitarian resources (12,000 NGO staff). Humanitarian actors "should not and cannot continue to overcome the weaknesses of the Haitian state or even replace it", according to the resolution. It urges the state to respect its commitments, strengthen its authority and build up the capacity of local and national institutions.

Reconstruction needs stability and political will

Following the results of the contested presidential and legislative elections in November 2010, MEPs are deeply concerned about the current political crisis.

The EU, they say, should do everything in its power to support a transparent and legitimate electoral process and the smooth running of the postponed second round in February, to prevent Haiti falling into a deeper crisis. "Only an elected and legitimate president and parliamentarians can take legitimate decisions and the necessary reconstruction requires stability and political will", stress MEPs.

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