3–Piece Keyboards

Published: 1 May 2011 y., Sunday

One of the things that’s rarely changed since its inception has been the QWERTY keyboard. Ever since it was introduced and widely adopted, we’ve been using similar keyboards until now. Well, Goran Bobinac, an architect from Croatia has decided to shake things up a bit by creating his very own ergonomic modular keyboard.

Featuring a unique curved shape with interlocking edges, this 3–piece keyboard can be easily disassembled and rearranged to form multiple shapes, depending on how or what the user wants to do with the keyboard. This means users can easily set up the keyboard for left–handed or right–handed operation with a simple switch of the numerical keypad. In fact, if they don’t want to use the numerical keyboard, they can dismiss it altogether and just use the alphabet portion.

The keyboard can be completely wireless or will make use of a wire. No word on whether the keyboard will ever hit production, but it definitely is one interesting device to check out if it does become commercial. Its modular setup mean it will be an ideal keyboard to bring around if you travel a lot.

Šaltinis: ubergizmo.com
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