BS/2 is the General Sponsor of the International Banking Forum

Published: 15 November 2022 y., Tuesday

The banking industry professionals from Eastern Europe and Central Asia met in Almaty on October 26 and 27, 2022. BS/2 (Penki kontinentai Group) was presented by staff members from Azerbaijan, Georgia, Lithuania, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, and Uzbekistan. With a mission to unite qualified individuals and promote technological progress, the company invited over 40 of its clients to the event.

Fintech and banking were the participants’ primary areas of interest. In the discussions, delegates talked about the state of the worldwide market for banking equipment and the evolution of national and international payment systems.

“In order to successfully engage various target audience segments, financial institutions are searching for the best possible business model. The digital transformation changes the role of bank self-service channels and dictates new requirements for devices. The implementation of modern solutions ensures the highest levels of service and availability,” Kirill Ovsiannikov, the Deputy Director for Strategic Development at BS/2, said. He gave a presentation on the subject of “6 operational challenges of self-service banking.”

The Forum has traditionally included an exhibition of equipment and technology for banks and retailers.

BS/2, together with its partner Diebold Nixdorf, the world’s main provider of banking technology, has introduced new DN Series ATMs and software solutions in such categories as:

–   cost optimization  (Cash Management.iQ, Vynamic View),

–   sources of income (FCX.iQ, Payments.iQ, Vynamic Marketing, ProFlex),

–   security (Vynamic Security, ATMeye.iQ).

Visitors could become familiar with cash processing equipment on the other side of the demonstration stand: banknote leveler Tresmer TBS-1000, cash sorting machine CPS X Range X5500, coin counter and sorter SmartTec CY-R8 (8+1), and vacuum packer of banknotes HENKOVAC T3.

Routers and network gateways were shown in cooperation with networking equipment company Teltonika Networks.

Given the attendees’ keen interest in acquiring business trends, representatives of BS/2, ASHBURN International, a provider of POS-terminal fleet management solutions, and SUNMI held a thematic workshop. In the offline mode, specialists in the fields of fintech, retail, and banking discussed their ideas, contacted helpful people, and discovered the best answers to their questions.

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