DUOday 2022 in the Penki kontinentai group

Published: 7 June 2022 y., Tuesday

The Penki kontinentai group of companies participates in the initiative of the social employment agency SOPA "DUOday" for the second year in a row. The purpose of the initiative is to enable people with disabilities to integrate into society and try different professions. A person with a disability and a company employee spend one working day together, forming a duo.

This year the initiative took place on June 2. Dainius and social worker Regina Žukauskytė-Budenienė from the Šviesa care center for people with intellectual disabilities came to the Penki kontinentai group of companies.

We showed Dainius the group's office, ATMs, and payment terminals (we even gave Dainius a picture taken with a SUNMI payment terminal!)

After getting acquainted with the Group's activities, Dainius became its employee for half a day - together with Tomas Kapcevičius, an employee of Penki Kontinentai, Dainius shaped bushes and also learned how to take care of indoor plants.

According to Tomas, Dainius was active, not afraid to ask questions, and was interested in tools and devices for taking care of plants.

After the day was over, Dainius and Regina had lunch at the company café and shared their emotions. Dainius said that he had a lot of positive impressions and that he would have a lot to tell his friends from Šviesa center about.

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