Penki Kontinentai Group is among the most socially responsible companies in Lithuania

Published: 26 March 2021 y., Friday

Penki Kontinentai is recognized as one of the most socially responsible companies of 2020. The high assessment was announced during the National Responsible Business Awards, organized by the Ministry of Social Security and Labour, the Ministry of Economy and Innovation, and the Ministry of Environment. A total of 58 companies were nominated for the award, 11 in the category of large enterprises.

“We have been cooperating with Penki Kontinentai for over a decade. The Group always takes part in our annual events. Together, we implement projects to reduce the social isolation of people with intellectual disabilities. The most important thing is that we receive not only financial but also emotional support. That is why we offered to nominate the Group for the National Responsible Business Awards,” says Dana Migaliova, Head of the Lithuanian Association of People with Intellectual Disabilities Viltis.

Good neighborly relations became the basis for friendship between Penki Kontinentai and Viltis. Every year on the territory of the Loft Town (Kareivių St., 2C), located near the Penki Kontinentai office, the traditional good-neighborliness festival is held. The event includes a concert by Viltis pupils and a charity fair. Friends and partners of the Association, representatives of state institutions, and neighboring organizations come to the celebration from all over Lithuania.

In 2019-2020 Penki Kontinentai has repeatedly invited to support the "Power of Coffee" campaign. Its goal is the integration of people with intellectual disabilities into society. In the fall of 2020, Penki Kontinentai organized an action "Smile Gives Hope" on social networks.

“Communicating with others and responding to a request for help is a natural reaction of every person. The most valuable gratitude is a sincere smile in return. In recent years, the business has become more socially responsible. It is encouraging that companies are making commitments that go beyond job creation, pay and taxes. Targeted help is much more effective, which is why we have been friends with our neighbors for so many years,” says Idrakas Dadašovas, Chairperson of the Penki Kontinentai Board.

When developing products and providing services, the Penki Kontinentai Group strives to consider the interests of different people, including those with special needs.  For example, in cooperation with Georgian banks, a solution was implemented to adapt ATMs for the visually impaired.

The Group has made a significant contribution to reducing the consequences of the pandemic in Lithuania. Penki Kontinantai provided several medical institutions free contactless hand disinfection dispensers, and a stationary temperature detection terminal in Vilnius Municipality. The Group has allocated 50 thousand euros for the implementation of social projects, and almost 30 thousand euros to various funds in Lithuania for the purchase of the necessary medical equipment. During the first quarantine, Penki fiber-optic customers aged 65 and over received 100% compensation for telecommunications services (Internet and IPTV). More than 120 organizations were released from financial obligations to pay for payment services.

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