Digital dancer a model for motion science

Researchers at MIT have re-created Italian ballet star Roberto Bolle in digital form to study the capabilities of motion technology. The scientists say that in the future, motion sensors and scanners will be able to find potential health problems before they become apparent to the naked eye. more »

Running robot sets pace in prosthetics research

A Japanese engineer researching how animals move is building a robot that can run like a human being. Ryuma Niyama is attempting to crack the code of human propulsion, an achievement he says will one day lead to more efficient prosthetics. more »

3D brain scan reveals onset of anaesthesia

A three-dimensional computer generated film shows, for the first time, what happens in the brain as it loses consciousness. more »

Solar aircraft heads to Paris air show

The Swiss Solar Impulse takes off from Brussels for a flight to the International Paris Air Show. more »

Interactive musical science experiment comes to New York

An exhibition which doubles as a huge, interactive science experiment has openend in New York. more »

Justin the robot - wired to lend a helping hand

German researchers hope that their coffee-making, ball catching robot named Justin, will become man's new best friend. Justin is being developed for use in space or in the home. more »

Robots to Control Solar Energy Supply to Earth

Japanese scientists are working on a project to supply 13,000 TW of solar energy with the help of robots stationed on the moon to receiving stations on the Earth’s surface. more »

Genevieve Bell: Anthropology meets technology

The first question anyone asks when they meet me is: "What does a corporate anthropologist do?"... more »

Car parts from coal waste more than a concept

Scientists in New York have discovered that fly ash, a by-product of coal, can be used as an ingredient in a new, lightweight material that could one day replace heavy metals to make car parts. more »

Chicago's new Planetarium said to be out of this world

Chicago's Adler Planetarium is about to open what it says is an immersive space experience like no other in the world. Called Deep Space Adventure, it will take passengers aboard a futuristic starship for a virtual tour of the Universe. more »