Robotic seals soothe tsunami victims

Robotic seals helps elderly tsunami victims in Japan recover from mental and emotional scars. Read more »

Twitter record broken during the Women's World Cup final

A new Twitter record for highest amount of tweets posted per second has been set during the climax of the Women’s football World Cup. Read more »

Flying sphere goes where man fears to tread

Researchers from Japan's Ministry of Defense have developed an unmanned aerial vehicle with a difference. Read more »

Japan short of Geiger counters

Japan, Geiger counters, radiation leak, Fuji Electric Read more »

Japan brings brainwave technology to a head

The ability to control objects simply by thinking about them is the subject of serious research in laboratories around the world with wheelchairs and even cars now being driven by the power of the mind. It's all very serious science, but in Japan, technologists are demonstrating that mind control can also be a lot of fun. Read more »

Japan raises nuclear crisis level

Japan nuclear crisis now at highest rating, matching Chernobyl, causing greater unease among public Read more »

Thousands join Tokyo anti-nuke march

Around five thousand people march through the streets of Tokyo in anti-nuclear protests. Read more »

Nuclear disaster cartoon goes viral

Frustrated by the technical explanation of the nuclear crisis in Japan, artist Hachiya Kazuhiko creates cartoon character "Nuclear Boy" for clarification. Read more »

Japan debuts new bullet train

Japanese officials unveil their new bullet train, capable of travelling at speeds of 320 km per hour (198 miles per hour). Read more »

Japan stops hunting whales

Japan says conservation groups have forced them to stop whaling expeditions for the rest of 2011. Read more »