1000th ATM installed at Belarusbank

Published: 30 August 2011 y., Tuesday

On August 24, 2011, Belarusbank passed a symbolic milestone: its 1000th ATM was commissioned. The jubilee ATM was installed at a Minsk branch of the bank, at 20 Igumen tract Street.

The new ATM has become a kind of gift from the bank to  the young and densely populated neighborhood  of Loshitsa. "Today, one of our strategic objectives  is to further the saturation of the "young" city neighborhoods with self-service banking devices, both with ATMs and self-service terminals. We seek to provide   each and every client  with  an extended  set of banking services close to his or her home and work place,"said Gennady Sery, the deputy director of the Plastic Card Settlement Centre at Belarusbank.

The BS/2 company, a member of  the Penki kontinentai Group, jointly with International Business Alliance (IBA) are the bank’s long-term partners  in the area of banking technology, delivering self-service banking equipment from one of the world’s leading vendor, the Wincor Nixdorf company.

BS /2 is Wincor Nixdorf’s gold partner, and it is symbolic that the  ProCash 8050 ATM manufactured by WincorNixdorf has become  the 1000th ATM in the Belarusbank network.

The ProCash 8000 series  is the latest addition to the park of the time-tested ATMs by Wincor Nixdorf. To create these ATMs, the best in its class and the world’s most reliable dispensing technology was taken into account. Their broad functionality and modern fraud-prevention mechanisms  guarantee flexibility and greater security. Their ergonomic  and  time-tested design is sure to satisfy the requirements of users from different groups.

Now, Minsk residents have the opportunity to independently conduct financial transactions at various levels in a convenient, safe, and modern way by using new-generation ATMs .

The official launch ceremony was attended by Gennady Sery, the deputy director of the Plastic Card Settlement Centre at Belarusbank, Vladislav Gorozhankin, the director of Belarusbank’s  branch no. 511, and Aleksey Paskhalov, the deputy CIS sales director and IS marketing director at IBA.

According to Paulius Bučialis, the sales director at BS/2, the partnership with Belarusbank have been successfully developing for over 10 years. With the support of our regional partner, IBA, the bank has implemented and is using  software developed by the Lithuanian company,  the ATMeye.iQ video surveillance module, and a solution from Wincor Nixdorf-, the ProView banking equipment network management system , which has been widely used around the world (currently, there are about 150,000 ProView agent installed on ATMs around the world).

"We are proud to be Belarusbank’s partners, and we hope that our future cooperation will be just as productive," says  Bučialis.  

Belarusbank is Belarus’s largest commercial bank. As of August 1, 2011, a total of 4.9 million plastic cards of the bank were in circulation. Belarusbank’s branch network consists of 43 branches, 99 banking centers and 1841 offices. According to preliminary data as of August 1, 2011, the bank’s regulatory capital amounted to 5019 billion rubles. Itsauthorized fund  amounts to 3288 billion rubles, or 464 million euros.


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