Study: Wincor Nixdorf takes over market leadership for multivendor software in North America

Published: 20 April 2016 y., Wednesday

Wincor Nixdorf remains the market leader for multivendor ATM application software in Europe and Latin America and has advanced to the top spot in North America since the last study in 2013 according to a study published by the British market research company RBR. Worldwide, the company is number two in software used to operate ATMs from third-party vendors (multivendor application software).

According to the study’s authors, who analyzed information from banks in 64 different countries, the market for ATM software is developing dynamically. Intelligent software enables banks to offer their customers a variety of services that are integrated perfectly into the bank’s omnichannel services and CRM systems. In addition, branch transformation projects often shift transactions to self-service systems. This requires greater system functionality and results in higher demands on the software the systems run. The introduction of individual user interfaces, personalized services and authentication via smart phone or contactless card are other trends that are contributing to the upswing in the software market. For banks, software that can run on devices from any vendor is an important precondition for successfully realizing all these objectives. Investment protection also plays an ever more important role.

RBR also determined that software is no longer routinely purchased with hardware. Instead, the use of multivendor software is continuing to expand, and banks are becoming more flexible in choosing their hardware. Wincor Nixdorf’s growth in the multivendor software business succeeded with products from its ProClassic family, including the ProCash and the ProFlex4.

Bank customers expect easy access to cash everywhere and all the time. As a result, the high availability of ATM networks has a high priority for financial institutions. For this reason, RBR examined the market for multivendor monitoring software separately and regards Wincor Nixdorf as the world market leader in this niche with its monitoring software, and as number one in Europe and Latin America.

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