Penki kontinentai Group implements a new non-standard payment solution in Georgia

Published: 3 March 2023 y., Friday

The international group of companies Penki Kontinentai has implemented a new project in the Georgian market. Group subsidiaries BS/2 Georgia and ASHBURN International, together with TBC Bank, one of the largest banks in Sakartvelo, have developed a new non-standard payment solution for the coffee capsule manufacturer Meama. This company is constantly looking for modern ways to attract customers.

By installing a coffee capsule vending machine next to a coffee machine in a City Mal supermarket, Meama gave customers the opportunity to purchase a capsule and use it to make a tasty coffee on the spot. And to make it more convenient to pay for the product, it has introduced the ability to purchase the capsule using a QR code and a mobile app on their phone. Meama has recently decided to expand its payment methods by introducing a payment card.

“Banks appreciate Penki Kontinentai Group’s expertise and consider our group a competent partner, recommending our services to their customers. If there is a need, we always have a good solution,” says Jerzy Mardosiewicz, Director of the Payment Solutions Development Department at ASHBURN International, “To implement the Meama idea, ASHBURN International specialists used their own experience and know-how, based on the technology used in the shops. We decided to create a computerized workplace where the customer can select the desired product and pay for it.

According to Mardosevic, a tablet installed next to the capsule machine can be used to place an order and make a payment through the Ingenico Lane 3000 payment terminal. Both devices have the TransLink.iQ module of ASHBURN International’s software solution, which allows to accept card payments. This module is universal and is normally used to integrate a card reader with a cash register, but this time a non-standard solution was adopted – a computer integrated with a payment terminal.

Meama was very pleased with the new functionality. Now it has another idea – to make it possible to pay for coffee pods not only in Georgian lari, but also with ERTGULI loyalty points.

By the way, the possibility of payment with these points in payment terminals has already been implemented by specialists of ASHBURN International in TBC Bank several years ago. So, the successful cooperation continues. After the introduction of all these payment methods, Meama plans to offer the service of selling coffee pods in other retail chains in Georgia.

In addition to TBC Bank, Penki Kontinentai cooperates with two other banks: Bank of Georgia and Liberty Bank. These banks are provided with TaaS (Terminal as a service), which includes terminal rental, terminal replacement, Software as a service, etc. In total more than 36,000 payment devices are serviced in this way in Georgia. The services are implemented using the TransLink.iQ solution from ASHBURN International. ASHBURN International specialists provide remote technical monitoring of the system from Lithuania.

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