Google plans to offer Wi-Fi access equipment to businesses

Google Inc plans to offer Wi-Fi network hardware and software at a discount to small and medium-sized businesses. Read more »

1.3 million websites shut in 2010 shut in China

More than one million websites closed down in China last year, a state-run think tank has said. Read more »

YouTube blocks Lady Gaga channel

Lady Gaga's official YouTube channel has been suspended by the video sharing website. Read more »

Skyping on Facebook

Free video chat is coming to Facebook. Read more »

Microsoft presents new Office 365

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer promoted company‘s new cloud product Office 365at an event in New York City. Read more »

British Library makes Google search deal

Thousands of pages from one of the world's biggest collections of historic books, pamphlets and periodicals are to be made available on the internet. Read more »

China threatens Google over hacking claims

China has warned Google that its business could suffer if it continues to suggest that Chinese spies have been targeting the emails of United States' officials. Read more »

Google e-mail accounts attacked by Chinese hackers

Hace China have compromised personal e-mail accounts of hundreds of top US officials, military personnel and journalists, Google has said. Read more »