1 Gb/s is not the limit!

Published: 11 January 2012 y., Wednesday

According to the survey conduced by Ookla, at the end of 2011, the city that had the fastest internet speed was Vilnius. The average data transmission in the Lithuanian capital was 36 Mb/s. Having been designing a fiber-optic network Skynet based on FTTH (Fiber to the Home) technology since 1998, JSC Penkiu Kontinentu Komunikaciju Centras has always been the first one to offer its users the highest internet speed.

Following the New Year’s Day, the company’s customers have received goods news. Having prepared a full technical base at the end of the year 2011, Penkiu Kontinentu Komunikaciju Centras at the start of January, 2012, announced offering a super fast internet to its customers. The company has already been providing 1 Gb/s internet to the residents of Šeškinė and Fabijoniškiai districts who have subscribed to the plan Sky Platinum Plius! It is important to emphasize that 1 Gb/s speed has reached not only an individual microdistrict or a house in it but a concrete Skynet subscriber.  

According to Vladimiras Kiseliovas, the deputy head of the company’s Network Operations Centre Department, this, by far, record internet speed has been achieved not only thanks to the timely selection of top-quality equipment by the company, but also professional use of this equipment.

"When developing and upgrading the Skynet network, we select cutting edge and reliable equipment from our long-term partner Cisco Systems allowing us to ensure quality services and offer increasingly high internet speed. And to “receive” such speed, it is sufficient to have a gigabyte network card and a computer not older than two to three years,” the company's representative said.

The first customers to have tried the 1 Gb/s internet speed at the very start of this year have already experienced, acknowledged and positively evaluated the new Skynet capabilities. However, according to Tomas Okmanas, the head of Network Operations Centre Department, it is not only the internet speed but also quality services that are important to ensure.  

"Fast and high-quality internet is a must-have for modern people. It helps you not only to get loads of information of different format but also freely use it in various devices having access to the internet. For example, if you use 100 Mb/s internet, you may download a 10 GB file in 13 minutes, and if you have 1 Gb/s speed, you can do it in 1 minute. Such convenience for Skynet subscribers is ensured by cutting-edge fibre-optic technology, constantly modernized network, experienced specialists and network monitoring and maintenance performed around the clock," T. Okmanas said.

You can find more information about Skynet services on www.skynet.lt.

If you want to become a Skynet subscriber, please fill out this form >>>

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