Securing the Connected Society: G&D Showcases Best-in-Class Security Solutions at Mobile World Congress 2015

Published: 24 February 2015 y., Tuesday

Being online all the time is no longer just a vision – the connected society is about to become reality. Smart phones and tablets are part of our daily lives. At home, at work, in the city, and on the move, people are connected at all times. Be it online banking, shopping, reading e-mails, or streaming music to car audio systems, the challenge is to protect the confidentiality of people’s data and to manage digital identities. At Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2015, in hall 7 at booth 7A41, Giesecke & Devrient (G&D) is showcasing its answers to the security challenges of the connected society. The technology company provides solutions to safeguard privacy and digital interactions.

At the G&D booth, visitors can experience everyday situations that meet the connectivity and security demands of the connected society.

At home:

Nowadays, consumers tend to own and use more than one connected device, for example a tablet and a smart phone, and in the near future, they will also own devices in the smart home environment. Subscription management by G&D makes it easy for users to handle all their MNO contracts. In the current set-up, one of the devices serves as the Master Device and enables the user to distribute new subscriptions to other devices without the need for further registration. When it comes to payment, enrollment services bridge the gap between common banking cards and mobile devices. G&D’s state-of-the-art credit and debit cards can be used as authentication to turn the physical card into a virtual one. Simply by tapping the card to the user’s NFC-enabled mobile device and entering the PIN, the virtual credit card is made available in the user’s tailored AppWorld on the smart phone – meeting highest security standards.

At work:

Today, business and industry applications are truly global and put collaboration in teams and communication with people and machines into a regional and international context. People share confidential documents with colleagues and communicate via phone, video, and other channels, and more and more data and applications are hosted in the cloud. Securing company assets and preventing data loss and cyber-attacks is therefore crucial for every business today. G&D Enterprise security solutions secure and manage trusted digital identities for all these use cases. For instance, the secure log-in data needed to enter the company compound or gain access to a network can be stored on the smart phone’s SIM card. All communication is encrypted, decrypted, and signed by entering a PIN. This constitutes the first step towards cyber security solutions making work-life easier for employees and companies alike. With Secure Login, G&D and Vodafone present a real-life solution that enables all these features. The connected society does not end at the workplace, however.

With the rise of Industry 4.0, industrial machines and production systems are also getting connected and exchanging data with other parties. Tools, machines, and even entire production sites can be controlled remotely and software updates can be performed from every location with access to the Internet. As a result, companies are facing a whole new range of security threats and challenges. G&D solutions give every single machine a unique identity and protect communication to ensure that only authorized employees can access the machine remotely to exchange data or submit commands.

In the city:

The city is the meeting point for the interaction of people, services, and goods. Mobile devices have become the Swiss army knife for urban citizens. A banking app equips the user's device with a portfolio of different tools and services such as a digital wallet, access to loyalty programs, ATM finders, or personal spending history. Payment becomes as easy as swiping a credit card or the mobile device over a reader, using NFC, and confirming the identity with a PIN. The user’s payment credentials can be securely stored on a SIM, an embedded SE, or in the cloud – m-Commerce is becoming even more flexible and, in principle, all the different variants are supported.

With the smart phone becoming the touch point for consumer purchasing decisions, it is bound to unfold its potential as powerful marketing end point. In retail outlets, user data on the phone identifies customers as they enter the store. With the user’s consent, personalized marketing messages that match the customer's interests are sent to the screen in real time.

On the move:

Being mobile and on the move is a key trend of the connected society. People spend a lot of time on the go, be it by car or another means of transport. Solutions by G&D make mobile, connected life easier and more secure. With e-tickets on the mobile phone, for example, using public transportation becomes far smoother and more convenient for the user. The future parking-clock, equipped with a built-in SIM card and a subscription, allows the driver to pay the parking fee quickly and easily using a phone. And in the event of an accident, G&D technology enables fast eCall services which save precious time by placing the emergency call for help the very second the crash happens.

Over the course of a day on the move, a large amount of data is created and exchanged. Be it a document the user wants to share with a colleague or photos to be shared with friends, the cloud is the ideal place to store and share data. However, it must be guaranteed that the transmission is safe and third parties cannot access the data. With Safe Cloud, G&D ensures that only authorized users can decrypt data on their devices.

G&D is looking forward to meeting you at MWC 2015 in hall 7 at booth 7A41.

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