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Published: 3 June 2015 y., Wednesday

Safety is important in all areas of life, especially in modern business, whose efficiency often depends on smooth operation of IT systems. The latest technology comes to rescue for the purposes of ensuring their stable operation.

Access control

First of all, it is recommended to control access to the building. Once the access control system is installed, all employees are issued personal magnetic key cards that are scanned by the card scanner, which opens the door. This is how unauthorized persons are prevented from entering the premises.

Employee's key card can limit his/her access to certain premises, depending on the employee's duties. The system also helps to ensure work control function.

Login control

Having entered the premises, the employee has to virtually enter his/her computer, i.e. log in to it. To protect all company's computers from unauthorized access, it is recommended to use eToken electronic keys connected using USB port. This makes logging in to the company's network and accessing confidential information easier.

The digital key can also be used as a storage device for electronic signature certificates. When using the electronic signature to log in to information systems, one electronic signature password (so-called PIN or sPIN) is sufficient, and no special equipment is required to read the information on the USB storage device, because most modern computers are equipped with standard USB interfaces.

Network control

Internal network of the company can face threats coming from the Internet. To avoid this, it is necessary to constantly monitor data flows. This can be done using security systems that filter the data flow and protect the network from unauthorized access as well as critical attacks on IT systems.

Antivirus software can be used to ensure even higher level of security. It checks data flows sent by viruses as well as servers accessed by the employees using different computers. Antivirus software can be installed on both desktop computers and mobile devices.

Data protection

Various types of information are highly valued by companies. Loss of information can result in major losses. How could you avoid that? Data storages were designed for this purpose. Once you order this service, important documents of the company, their backup copies and information from the computers of all employees are stored securely. Thus, even if you lose your computer, the data will be easy to retrieve using the backup copies.

If you wish to ensure security of both data and business IT processes, you can opt for a rental service of data storage servers. This will ensure an uninterrupted operation of IT systems: redundant power line, redundant Internet line, conditioning systems used for the cooling of the hardware, protection against voltage surges, 24/7 monitoring of the status of all systems, continuous video surveillance of the territory, etc.

Virtual servers are yet another solution ensuring protection of your data. This service does not require investment in expensive network hardware, servers, their maintenance, software updates and maintenance staff available 24/7. It helps companies to avoid many troubles and ensures smooth operation under constantly changing business conditions.

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