The Georgian Market Is Increasingly Interested in Lithuanian POS Terminal Management Solutions

Published: 21 February 2023 y., Tuesday

One more Georgian bank is now using TransLink.iQ, ASHBURN International's software solution for card readers. Liberty Bank of Georgia purchased this terminal management system to handle its network of more than 5,500 payment devices. The software was implemented by two companies from the Penki kontinentai group, namely ASHBURN International and BS/2 Georgia, which operates in the local market.

"Working closely with BS/2 Georgia and ASHBURN International, we were able to achieve the highest possible result. We chose the proposed software solution because it is compatible with terminals of different manufacturers and models that accept payment cards. Moreover, it meets international security requirements and is suitable for working with a large number of devices and a high volume of transactions. This is especially critical as we plan to expand our network in the future," says Vazha Maisuradze, Head of ATMs and POS Terminals Service Division at Liberty Bank.

TransLink.iQ enables remote control, the updating of parameters and software for terminals, and the transmission of payment data to acquiring centers. The system is installed and in use in more than ten countries. TransLink.iQ also received a gold medal for "Lithuanian Product of the Year".

"The TransLink.iQ solution has the added advantage of enabling enhanced features such as tipping in restaurants, making a payment using a QR code, transferring fiscal data in real time, etc. "You can generate more income by being able to implement new functions on the same terminals," says Žoržas Šarafanovičius, CEO of ASHBURN International.

In November 2022, BS/2 Georgia and Liberty Bank agreed on the deal. Specialists from ASHBURN International quickly installed the system and linked Android-based Ingenico and SUNMI payment terminals to it.

"After some time, actively used payment terminals become morally outdated, so the bank, following the latest trends, decided not only to take care of the device management system, but also to update the devices themselves by choosing the latest models," explains Emilio Kiris, BS/2 Georgia Commercial Director.

In Georgia, the Penki kontinentai group is already collaborating with other banks, namely the Bank of Georgia and TBC Bank, to enable acquiring services. They were the first to install multifunctional SUNMI terminals, capable of operating with several business applications. This equipment was supplied by ASHBURN International. BS/2 Georgia provides these clients with the TaaS (Terminal as a Service), which includes the rental of devices, replacement of them, maintenance, etc. Currently, over 36,000 payment devices are serviced in the region. The services are implemented using the TransLink.iQ solution from ASHBURN International. ASHBURN International specialists provide remote technical monitoring of the system from Lithuania.

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