Choreographer from Unisys helps organisations better manage their Cloud resources

Published: 21 May 2014 y., Wednesday

Unisys Corporation has announced Choreographer, a cloud management platform designed to direct and optimise key IT services and processes. Choreographer automates the lifecycle management of data centre and public infrastructure resources to help more efficiently deploy applications in both private and public cloud environments.

Enterprises increasingly need to leverage mixed environments of public and private cloud resources to reduce their operational and infrastructure costs. With Choreographer, they can selectively run workloads in the infrastructure best suited to meet their financial, performance and security requirements.

Choreographer extends the capabilities of the Unisys Secure Private Cloud solution, a pre-integrated set of resources for helping clients create secure, highly efficient private cloud environments. Choreographer takes those capabilities to the next level by adding the ability to automate the management of virtual workloads in the cloud on both Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure.

The easy-to-use Choreographer solution is designed to automate the management of internal, virtualised infrastructures, making it easy to provision “just in time” resources within an organisation’s data centre that can be shared between user communities in a common infrastructure.

The solution can also provision and manage the lifecycle of resources in an AWS or Microsoft Azure public cloud environment, paving the way for enterprises to realise the benefits of a hybrid cloud environment. This approach to multi-tenancy in Choreographer for both public and private clouds enables secure access, visibility and control to resources at a granular level, simplifying the ability to create unique service catalogs with customisable role-based access at every level.

“Choreographer can help enterprises improve their utilisation of resources, while reducing the time needed to provide cloud resources to user communities from days to minutes,” said Rod Sapp, vice president of security and cloud products, Unisys. “With support for AWS and Microsoft Azure, the solution now allows enterprises to take advantage of additional types of public cloud virtual resources to minimise cost and maximise agility.”

Choreographer is easy to install and operate, enabling enterprises to build out a new private cloud leveraging existing or new hardware. The solution provides a centralised, web-based “single pane of glass” that gives users a simple, intuitive and customisable lens through which to manage applications and their underlying cloud infrastructures.

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