IDC Bulletin 18086: "Unisys ClearPath Mainframes Continue to Su

Published: 18 March 1999 y., Thursday
Blue Bell,PA, March 15, 1999 - A recent independent study conducted by computer industry research house International Data Corporation (IDC) compared Unisys, IBM and high-end Unix systems. The study clearly demonstrated that Unisys ClearPath enterprise servers are the best of breed for large-scale, I/O (Input/Output) intensive on-line transaction processing (OLTP) applications. Airlines, banks, and other organizations that handle massive amounts of critical information 24 hours a day typically run such applications, which are gaining renewed prominence as enterprises ncreasingly must implement secure and reliable electronic business services requiring high-performance, high-availability servers.The study, published in an IDC Bulletin, draws on other data to suggest that staffing costs to support a Unisys ClearPath system in an OLTP application are significantly lower than those required to support an IBM System/390 or Unix computer for the same application. "The Unisys ClearPath architecture and integrated software provide clear and consistent technical and cost advantages for customers with high-end I/O intensive OLTP applications," said analyst David Floyer, who authored the Bulletin. "Unisys users should continue to run their existing and new I/O-intensive OLTP applications on Unisys ClearPath servers." IDC_s research found that overall, the Unisys architecture has the best balance for handling I/O intensive OLTP systems. I/O handling is one of the most critical factors for successful OLTP and high-volume electronic business applications. IDC was impressed by the innovative Heterogeneous Multi Processing (HMP) architecture that is the foundation of ClearPath, allowing direct and seamless access to the mainframe data from Windows NT and UnixWare applications.According to IDC, this allows users to develop new applications on Windows NT and UnixWare around the mainframe and directly access mainframe data without some of the high overheads of client/server processing. IDC Bulletin 18086, entitled "Unisys ClearPath Mainframes Continue to Surprise," was published as part of IDC_s Commercial Systems and Servers service. The bulletin is available on the Unisys ClearPath Web site.
Unisys ClearPath enterprise servers feature the unique Unisys Heterogeneous Multiprocessing (HMP) architecture, which enables customers to run mainframe-class applications and databases and those based on Windows NT and UnixWare side-by-side in the same server. The Unisys ClearPath family of servers continue to be one of the most successful products Unisys has ever released.
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