Dashboard.iQ: all the business indicators in one place

Published: 19 April 2011 y., Tuesday

The ever-increasing pace of life also makes its demands felt on business. Individuals who are required to make important decisions rapidly need modern ways of accessing the necessary information, preferably – as soon as possible.

BS/2 Company, which belongs to the Penki kontinentai group, offers a product called Dashboard.iQ, which displays all the principal business indicators, making it possible to react to changes in these indicators on time and to pass the information on to the people in the areas responsible for taking the necessary action.

Dashboard.iQ makes it possible to see on one screen the information that it gets from modules of the .iQ Product Family range: for example, information about the state of hardware and software or about technical monitoring, the personnel section or bookkeeping data, etc. Analytical reports that are produced can be based on archival documents, showing the dynamics of the monitored parameters in real time. Using a flexible set-up mechanism, the user can choose particular indicators from the broader stream of information that are of importance to his/her business, the ones that need to be represented graphically in one way or another. In addition, the product is designed with the client’s needs in mind, so the information can be received not only in a computer or a web page but also in a mobile device such as iPhone, iPad, tablet computer, etc.

The advantage of Dashboard.iQ is that, depending on the situation, it unites all the software modules into one informational analytic space. Furthermore, Dashboard.iQ helps to unite the geographically dispersed units of a company into a common space and to make decisions on that basis.

About BS/2 Company

BS/2 has been operating for more than 15 years in the banking technology retail trading sectors and it occupies a leading position in more than one country of the world.

You can read more about Dashboard.iQ and other BS/2 solutions on website www.bs2.eu

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