Digital Technologies for the Security of Your Home

Published: 14 April 2011 y., Thursday

An apartment block and its territory are places, which constantly require protection, because it is not just Your houseroom, but also children's playgrounds, stairways, parking lots and underground garages.

Video cameras can help protect Your property from criminals. Video surveillance is a great prevention of variety of crime. Cameras operate psychologically. In the USA experts’ estimation, about 70 percent of potential crimes are prevented in their planning stage, because of clearly noticeable object tracking. It is easier for criminals to choose the other house, than attempt to overcome the well-protected property.

The Company Penki Kontinentai, developing the Smart House solutions, offers a protective device of new generation - specialized video cameras for the residents of apartment blocks. The cameras capture a view, which can be monitored on the screen of computer, tablet PC, and Smartphone - anywhere in the world where there is access to the Internet. Broadcast in real time can be monitored not only by the company security staff, but also by the residents themselves. Moreover, the videos are stored in a special computer, so if it is necessary, it may be easier to solve the crime. According to police data, about 100 thefts were performed per day in Lithuania last year. About 2000 crimes in the capital are disclosed with the aid of video surveillance cameras, which undoubtedly proves the efficiency of digital technology.

Darius Krasinskas, Sales Manager of Penki Kontinentai Smart House Projects Department believes that the IP Cameras set out in the areas of apartment blocks prevent many cases of thefts, vandalism and assaults.

“The technical characteristics of equipment, which we offer, guarantee to the customers a high-definition video record, which gives the opportunity to observe the object as it moves as well as an increasing his image“, says D. Krasinskas.

Another advantage of IP cameras is economy. Equipment installation and general electrical energy costs are much lower than using the installed analogical cameras, as IP cameras can be connected to the network via Internet cable.

Using these “smart” cameras, additional settings are available, for example, there is given the opportunity to connect them with security and fire alarm systems. And it can stop criminals from attempting to damage, thieve device or splashing something into the camera lens. The video surveillance equipment responds to a number of parameters. The basic are movement and sound.

“IP cameras can be set so that, for example, the movement of people during the day looks normal to them, and at night – dangerous. So, captured the arbitrary actions at night – attempts to cover the camera or damage it mechanically – “smart” cameras will automatically send e-mail notifications to the administrator mail together with a photograph of the event. This, of course, simplifies video surveillance“, says the specialist of the Company Penki Kontinentai.

Penki Kontinentai offers the above-mentioned solutions to individual clients and apartment blocks for a fixed monthly fee, which depends on the amount and type of required cameras, and number of inhabitants. The system consists of several specialized video cameras, for images both day and night to capture, video archiving computer, software that enables watch online video filmed in real time.

More details of video surveillance and other Smart House solutions are available while visiting LITEXPO Exhibition Hall in Vilnius, participating in an exhibition Resta 2011 on 13-16th of April. Penki Kontinentai Stand No. 3.14.

Smart House - a safe and quality life!

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