How to secure ATMs: crime statistics 2021

Published: 4 March 2022 y., Friday

This infographic shows the statistics of criminal activities in different regions of the world. We invite you to see how things are with the security of ATMs in 2021 and how relevant this problem is.

According to the infographic, in Africa, criminals most often try to use ATMs with a covered face. In Asia, most of the disputes, attempts at skimming and blowing up ATMs are made. The data in the infographics are incomplete and are taken from open sources, the website of the European Association for Secure Transactions, the Finextra information platform, etc.

Attacks on ATMs are due to the presence of large amounts of money in the devices. As the network of ATMs expands around the world, the sophistication of global crime is also growing. Due to the lack of security of ATMs in the USA and other countries, the number of robberies has increased significantly.

Modern ATMs are more like the bank's mini-outlets, so financial institutions must provide enhanced security and protection devices from various criminal activities. Until 2027, the global ATM security market is expected to grow steadily. The global ATM market is projected to reach $21.2 billion by 2028. The main growth factor for the increasing popularity of such devices are digitization, improved security mechanisms, clarity of operations and the need to reduce bank branches.

Criminal activities related to ATMs occur regularly. For example, in Africa, criminals managed to plant an explosive in an ATM at the gas station and blow it up.

Installing skimmers and attempting to read information from them during a transaction, often occurs in AustraliaFrance and other countries.

Recently, in the USA state of Wisconsin, criminals first tried to break into the ATM, and then simply attached it to the truck with chains and drove through the parking lot, and now the police are looking for the robbers.

Universal protection against the criminal activities is provided by the ATM video surveillance software, ATMeye.iQ. This solution has been in demand on the market for 20 years and is used in 80 countries.

ATMeye.iQ is the comprehensive software that protects against vandalism, robbery and fraud, both from unknown intruders and dishonest bank customers.

Main advantages of ATMeye.iQ

✔ simplification of the work of the security service and support

✔ access to photo and video materials from the scene collected before and after the incident

✔ the ability to view videos and photos in real time

✔ ease of managing a fleet of self-service devices, downloading and archiving electronic journal, photo and video materials

✔ support for remote installation of new software, remote turn on, turn off and reboot devices using work scripts

ATMeye.iQ is designed to monitor incidents, connect each transaction with the user, facilitating the resolution of disputes. Footage can be retrieved from built-in cameras searching by card number, event date, and more. The system sends a real-time notification when misconduct is detected. Security personnel, in turn, can respond to the threat through customizable scripts that are activated with a single mouse click.

The solution has special sensors to detect any suspicious activity, the sensor for recognizing camera closing, anti-skimmer, gas, tilt and shock. The scope of application of ATMeye.iQ includes ATMs, electronic cashiers, post offices, terminals and other equipment. For more BS/2 ATM security solutions, please click here .

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