The history of the Penki kontinentai group of companies - in the authoritative Newsweek magazine

Published: 13 February 2023 y., Monday

One of the oldest American media outlets wrote about the achievements of Penki Kontinentai Group. Penki Kontinentai Group deservedly entered the list of Lithuanian companies whose success is known not only at home, but also abroad. Idrakas Dadašovas, CEO and Founder of Penki Kontinentai Group told a Newsweek journalist how the Penki Kontinentai Group has grown and developed, as well as the ongoing successes and ambitious plans that the company has for the future.

Penki Kontinentai Group is a long-standing player in the banking market that specializes in the development of self-service banking channels, providing its partners with hardware and software in over 80 countries around the world.

"When I started the business, I knew I had a lot to learn, but my expertise of myself and my talented team has grown exponentially. We have always aimed to provide the best for our customers – that has never changed", says CEO Idrakas Dadašovas.

So, since 1989, Penki Kontinentai Group has grown from a hardware equipment supplier and developer of the first computer programs into an international company, whose software solutions are successfully used in banking institutions and the retail industry.

As bank self-service channels and data management become increasingly digital, Penki Kontinentai continues to develop its software products for remote banking services. Currently, the company’s success is attributed to the development of new markets and partnerships with major financial organizations. Through its subsidiaries, Penki Kontinentai has a strong presence in the Baltics, Caucasus region, and Central Asia.

The company considers Asia and Africa as the most promising regions for strengthening its influence in sales of banking equipment and software products.

"I have faith that we can expand and reproduce our worldwide success. Asia is our highest priority now, but we are also aiming to enter LATAM (Latin American region) in 2024, and we have identified significant potential in the Caribbean self-service transaction market, particularly relating to demand for security against cyber threats", says Idrakas.

You can read the full version of Idrakas Dadašovas’ interview in Newsweek magazine here.

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